About Biggins Exterminating Wilmington, MA

About Biggins Exterminating A Local Pest Control Company Located in Wilmington, MA

When Steve Biggins, Sr. started Biggins Exterminating Co. in 1982, he believed in creating an honest, reliable, customer-service orientated business with family values. This meant helping families get rid of pests, insects, and other critters while caring about results, and keeping them informed at every step. His son Steve brings the same values to the business, and is proud to continue serving residents of Wilmington, MA area and beyond.

As a family-owned business, caring for you and offering star-quality service is our priority. Referrals are cornerstones of our business, which is why we aim to leave you with a great pest control, rodent control, and pest control experience. We will never pull you into a contract, and we’re proud to offer a warranty on all our residential services. If the pests come back, we’ll come back. It’s that simple.

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