Powderposts Beetles Pest Control

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If you need powderpost beetle pest control services, call Biggins Exterminating Co. a local, family-owned-and-operated pest control and exterminating company based in Wilmington, MA. At Biggins, we have been providing high quality and dependable powderpost beetle pest control services for over 40 years. Our safe and reliable pest control will treat the beetle problem and prevent them from returning.

The last thing you want to deal with are powderpost beetles in your home. Unfortunately, powderpost beetles, termites and other wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants (who live in wood), and carpenter bees can be the cause of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home—which home insurance doesn’t  cover.

Powderposts Beetles Pest Control

“I have used Biggins Pest Control for the last several years and could not be happier with them. Each time I have needed their services they were able to quickly schedule an appointment and completely resolve the issue. The communication regarding scheduling the appointment was excellent, and they showed up at my home exactly when they said they would. They were very clear about the pricing for their services which were extremely reasonable. Most importantly, their services were effective!”

– Erik H

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Our powderpost beetle control includes an array of wood preservative treatments and localized spot treatment. We get down to the roots here at Biggins Exterminating and promise a treatment that will save you money for years to come.

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If you need more information or would like to schedule an estimate or site inspection regarding powderpost beetle pest control, do not hesitate to call Biggins Exterminating Co. For more information or to request an estimate, call 978-658-5120.

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Powderposts Beetles Pest Control
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