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If you need cicada killers pest control call Biggins Exterminating Co. a local, family-owned pest control and exterminating company based in Wilmington, MA. At Biggins, we have the experience to solve your cicada killers pest control problem. For over 40 years we have been helping homeowners in Middlesex County Massachusetts with all types of pest problems including cicada killers. Our goal is to exterminate the nest to prevent any further problems.

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Fast, Reliable Cicada Killers Pest Control in MA

Cicadas are large wasps that live underground and eat insects. They are also known as cicadabird because they make a loud buzzing sound during flight. These pests are attracted to lights and will often fly into windows and doors where they can enter homes through cracks and crevices. When you notice signs of cicada killers on your property it’s probably time to call a professional exterminator.

How Do I Identify Cicada Killers?

Cicada killers are large wasps that are typically around two inches in length. These pests are black or dark brown with yellow markings on their abdomen. Cicada killers build burrows in the ground and may come out when disturbed by activity above the ground such as mowing. Getting professional help with cicada treatment and cicada control is very important to minimize your risk of running into cicada killers.

What are the Effects of Cicada Killers In and Around My Home or Business?

If you have an infestation of cicada killers at your home or business, mowing or walking on the grass may disturb the cicadas and prompt them to try to protect their nests. Large infestations can also harm the lawn and make it look unkempt and unhealthy.

More About Cicada Killers

Since cicada killers don’t live in colonies and they build their nests underground. The nest may seem pretty simple on the surface, but there is a lot of construction done below ground. The nest is dug about a foot deep with cells for the eggs that will become the next generation.

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