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Our wasp pest contriol services includes removing wasps nest from your home and or property. Biggins Exterminating Co. is a local, family-owned-and-operated pest control company based in Wilmington, MA. We provide waps pest control services that are both safe and relaible. We have over 40 years experience providing quality pest control services for homeowners near Wilmington, MA and neighboring towns.

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Great experience! Mr. Biggins came to treat a wasp nest that was located too high for our current pest control company to take care of. He arrived within the hour and was warm, informative, and thorough. Will strongly consider switching to him once the contract with our current company is over.

Edward B. – Google Review

Don’t Settle for Living with Wasps

There is nothing fun about having a wasp nest on your property or in your home. Wasps are the types of pests that will look to build their nests wherever they can surround your home, sometimes even building it inside your walls. No homeowner should have to co-exist with wasps, which will create havoc for any homeowner

We understand that having a wasp’s nest in or near your home is an unwelcome surprise and can become dangerous. Oftentimes, it’s through no fault of your own that a swarm of stinging pests has decided to become an unwanted nuisance. 

Specialists in Wasp Pest Control

If you are experiencing a wasp nest, call Biggins Exterminating. When you call Biggins Exterminating to safelt remove the nest and the wasp. Our wasp treatments are safe and reliable, and we warranty our service.

I called Biggins Exterminating because they are local and there were a lot of positive reviews on yelp. I was dealing with a wasp nest next to a second floor window (the nest was behind the shingles in a void). The wasps were very active and I was concerned they would find their way into the house. I called Biggins and left a message with their answering service. Steve called me within 20 minutes and after explaining the issue he quoted me a price and had me booked the next day. Steve arrived right on time and surveyed the situation and also looked around my house to make sure there were no other nests. He then got into his bee suite and went to work. 24 hours later…no more wasps! I am very happy with Biggins and would use them again. Steve was very professional and friendly plus he is part of the local community.

Glenn F. – Yelp Review

For Fast, Dependable Wasp Pest Control Contact Biggins

If you are interested in learning more regarding wasp pest control, do not hesitate to get started with the team of professionals at Biggins Exterminating Co. For more information or to request an estimate, call 978-658-5120.

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