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If you have a carpenter ants problem and need professional carpenter ant pest control services, call Biggins Exterminating Co. a local, family-owned-and-operated pest control and exterminating company. At Biggins, we have been providing high quality and reliable carpenter ant pest control in Wilmington, MA and surrounding towns for over 40 years. Our goal is to protect your home and prevent carpenter ants from returning.

Black Carpenter ants of New England and other house ants have a sneaky way of getting through the cracks of wooden windows, doors, hollow wall voids, usually in damp areas. Most of the time they are on the hunt for food, dead bugs, or something sweet. Carpenter ants are known as wood-destroyers, but contrary to popular myth, they don’t eat wood. They simply build their homes in it. These ants live in two kinds of nests: parent and satellite. The more nests, the more ants, but with Biggins Exterminating Co. you won’t need to worry about that.

They were quick and thorough with the process. We had carpenter ants everywhere in our new home, even found one in our master bed! They came in a few days of the call, the guy explained everything and problem resolved! He said we had the ability to call them back if we see any free of charge. They’re good because the ants are gone!

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Carpenter Ants Pest Control

Professional Pest Control for Carpenter Ants One Nest at A Time

If you’re experiencing a troublesome ant problem and need top-quality pest control services, call Biggins Exterminating Company! A locally owned and operated business with decades of experience, we are happy to answer all your questions about preventing pests from entering your home.

We had a carpenter ant infestation and called Biggins. Steve came out next day and problem was resolved. We also had some mouse traps set and that was very successful. We have not had any signs of mice since 2 years later. Very pleased with the service we get from Biggins and will not hesitate to call them again when needed. Thank you!

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Call Biggins Exterminating today for a fast response at 978-658-5120.

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Carpenter Ants Pest Control

Carpenter Ant Frass: Frass is the wood particle mounds that carpenter ants discard around the entrance of their nests which looks like finely ground up sawdust.

Tips for Keeping Ants Away

Dealing with ants can be challenging. We’ve got some useful tips to help prevent carpenter ants from infesting your home now or in the future.

  • Replace any water-damaged, decaying wood
  • Store firewood away from the house
  • Keep crumbs and sweets closed and off counters or floors
  • Remove all stumps, logs, and waste wood within 100 meters of your home
  • Keep vegetation, especially evergreen shrubs and tree branches out of contact with your home
  • Place a moisture barrier in crawl spaces and under wooden porches
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