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At Biggins Exterminating we specialize in providing termites pest control and exterminating services. If you have a termite problem or if you are not sure if you have a termite problem, call Biggins Exterminating today to schedule a termite inspection.

We are a local, family-owned-and-operated termite pest control and exterminating company based in Wilmington, MA. We have been providing high quality and dependable termite pest control services for over 40 years.

Our priority is to inspect your home for termites and the extent of any damage that may have been caused by termites. If termites are present, we will then customize a termite treatment plan that is right for your situation.

We understand how important it is to keep your home safe from these destructive termites, which is why we take great care to ensure that our products are applied correctly and safely for both you and your family members.

Called for termite problem, was extremely helpful and informative. Went above and beyond what would be required for a pest control quote. 5/5 would recommend, will call in the future.

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Incredible response time to my call for help. Totally impressed with the quality of service I received and the genuine desire to want to help me. Thank you !

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For Reliable Termite Pest Control Near Wilmington, MA Call Biggins

The last thing you want to deal with are termites in your home. Unfortunately, termites and other wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants (who live in wood), powder post beetles, and carpenter bees can be the cause of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home—which home insurance doesn’t cover. Nobody wants to live in a house that is infested with termites. Termites burrow into the wood in your house, setting up a space to build their homes. Although you may not see them often, a termite problem can bring massive structural issues to your home.

The most common type of termite found in North America is the subterranean termite. These pests build extensive colonies underground, often creating tunnels through soil and concrete foundations.

You’ll know if you have a termite infestation if you notice flying termites, blisters in wood flooring, discarded wings, mud tube, damage under paint or wallpaper. These “silent pests” sometimes have ways of making themselves known, but it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure it’s not too late. As our lives become busy, day-in and day-out, it’s understandable that a problem could go unnoticed for a while. If you suspect you have a problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

For 40 years, we’ve helped property owners in the North Shore MA by providing quality termite control services. When you call Biggins Exterminating to treat your termite problem, we will inspect the situation and implement the best solution possible to eliminate the termites. Our termite treatments are safe and reliable, and we guarantee our service. 

Treat, Protect and Preserve

Next Steps for Termite Pest Control Services Near You

When it comes to eliminating termites, powder post beetles (also known as woodworms) and other wood-destroyers, it’s best to act as quickly as possible. At Biggins Exterminating, we use a twofold method of termite control that helps kill termite colonies on site, and keeps them off the property. See our carpenter ant page for more information on ant control. 

We use a highly effective liquid termite treatment around the perimeter of your home that helps to prevent termites from entering the structure. For an internal infestation, in some cases we’ll inject your structure with a formula for additional protection.  

Similarly, our powder post beetle control includes an array of wood preservative treatments and localized spot treatment. We get down to the roots here at Biggins Exterminating and promise a treatment that will save you money for years to come.

The next step for termite extermination is to contact our Wilmington, MA office. By making this call you can learn more about our termite services, our process, pricing, and timeline for treatment. You are one step away from eliminating your termites by calling 978-658-5120.

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