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Biggins Exterminating Co. is a local family owned and operated company delivering pest control of mice to homeowners in Wilmington MA and the surrounding towns. For north of 40 years, we have been helping families in Wilmington MA and the surrounding towns solve their mice problems. For more information on how we can use our effective pest control treatments to help your infestation, call Biggins Exterminating today!

Dependable Pest Control Mice

Unwanted mice in your home can be a headache for homeowners. Mice are known for their oversized teeth which help them chew through just about anything in your home, car, or property, and that’s a financial nightmare waiting to happen. If you are experiencing a mice infestation within your home, contact the experts at Biggins to take care of the issue for you.

We will inspect your home, looking for signs of activity and entry points. Then we will customize a pest control program to get rid of the mice and keep them from coming back. Getting rid of mice and rodents as quickly as possible is the best way to prevent any future problems. We use a variety of tried-and-true rodent control tactics to help prevent mice from getting back in your home.  This involves finding potential entry points, sealing holes, setting traps, and more. The most effective method for controlling a mouse or rodent issue is to “build them out.” That’s why we take a thorough approach to identifying and preventing entry.

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We used Biggins Exterminating to address mice and Steve was awesome – super responsive, helpful, and thorough! We gained an invaluable education about prevention along with highly thorough and effective treatment! Thanks, Steve!

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Effective Methods of Keeping Mice Away

Even a small crevice or dime-size hole can be an entry point for a mouse. Our team specializes in “thinking like a mouse,” and finding the nooks and crannies where these pesky rodents may enter. We’ll never lock you into a contract, and offer a warranty on all residential rodent control services. For reliable, timely rodent control service, give us a call today.

Mice, rats and other rodents come inside homes looking for food, shelter and water. You can help keep rodents away by controlling food sources, including keeping pet food properly sealed. In addition, avoid leaving food and dirty dishes out, store food properly in sealed containers, empty your garbage cans nightly, and clean crumbs off kitchen counters. While maintaining proper home hygiene is a good start to help keep rodents at bay, you may have exterior entry points that you aren’t aware of where the mice are getting in. Biggins trained mice exterminators will locate any problem areas and entry points and properly seal them off to prevent mice from entering your home.

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If you are interested in learning more regarding top services for pest control mice Wilmington, get in contact with the team of experts at Biggins Exterminating Co. today! For more information or to get started with us, call 978-658-5120.

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