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Carpenter Ant Extermination

A family owned & operated business, since 1982.

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Biggins Pest Control 45 Brand Avenue Wilmington, Ma


Biggins Exterminating Co. Greater Boston Pest Control for over 25 years. Bed Bugs | Termites | Carpenter Ants
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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Biggins Exterminating has special bed bug heat treatment technique and equipment to rid your home of Bed Bugs!

Biggins Extermination | 800-545-0085 | Wilmington Boston Pest Control
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Welcome to Biggins Exterminating Company!

Biggins Exterminating Company is a family owned and operated business that has been providing termite control, carpenter ant control, and general pest control service in Massachusetts since 1982. Our father and son team operates with honesty, reliability, and professionalism. The personal relationships we inevitably develop with our customers is due to our small size, honesty, reliability and professionalism.  Each customer is truly important to us.

Biggins Exterminating Company is a Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Company. I.P.M. is a partnership between the homeowner and pest professional which employs tactics that prevent, exclude and suppress pest infestations making it a very effective long term approach to pest management with the least, if any impact to the environment. Click here for more information on I.P.M.