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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs PDF Print E-mail

Heat Treatment exterminates Bed Bugs Fast and Easily.

Biggins Exterminating has special heat treatment technique and equipment to rid your home of Bed Bugs!

Bed Bug Removal Thermal Remediation

Biggins Exterminating has a superior solution to get rid of bed bug infestations- Heat Treatment!  This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates through walls, mattresses and other hard to reach locations to exterminate bed bugs immediately. By applying the heat treatment evenly throughout the structure, we are able to rid you of bed bug, regardless of where they are hiding. Biggins Exterminating will kill all of the growth stages of the bed bugs, including the eggs. Not all current pesticide chemical control methods will completely exterminate bed bugs and eggs. This means that oftentimes Biggins Exterminating can eradicate the entire bedbug population in a single heat treatment.

Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment for several hours should eliminate your bed bugs infestation.

Thermal Extermination - Bed Bugs - Heat Treatment Research
Pest Temp
Duration Reference
Bed Bug Adults & Nymphs 45ºC (113ºF) 15 Minutes Mallis, 2004
Bed Bug Eggs 45ºC (113ºF) 60 Minutes Gulmahamad, 2002
Bed Bug All Stages 46ºC (114.8ºF) 7 Minutes Quarles, 2007

The temperature required to kill bed bugs (and their eggs) fall well within the temperature ranges achieved by Biggins Exterminating Heat Treatment Equipment. The low thermal death point of bedbugs allows Biggins Exterminating technicians to better adapt the process to the building. Unlike many pesticides, Biggins Exterminating will penetrate into all of the crevices and exterminate bed bugs where they reside. Our heat treatment process will force heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics, wall cavities, etc. leaving no place for bed bugs to hide.